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Thursday, April 06, 2006

All I wanted was a good night's sleep...

Really. My father is working the election today, which meant that I had to bring Aidan to school this morning. I was dead tired last night at around 8PM anyway- I think I even nodded off during "Lost".
I'm a light sleeper, but I didn't get into a good sleep until probably 10PM or so... well, at 10:45 I woke up hearing a LOUD bang. Didn't sound like fireworks, or a gun, but sounded awfully close even though I couldn't see anything. I did see neighbors behind me looking around trying to figure it out though. Hmm... I laid back in bed figuring maybe kids were trying to blow up a mailbox- maybe even our mailbox- but deal with that later.
Five minutes later I hear sirens and see lights and - uh, oh- wait a minute- they aren't stopping here in front of our house and the neighbors are they? Yep. Now I've got to find out what is happening.
Turns out an electric pole somehow fell down on top of other electric wires- and the pop must have been the generator or whatever they are called. The wires are pulled down almost half-way to the ground- amazing- and dangerous. What the ambulance and fire department are going to do about it is a question though.
I go back to bed, again.
I know other trucks showed up, and I hear all the noise of whatever they were doing to get the pole off those wires, etc, ALL NIGHT LONG. I think I heard them finally leave around 5AM.
Oh, and I got the wrong number (I'm guessing since no one said anything when I answered) on my cell phone at 2AM.
At 6, I heard the TV on BLAST while my father was having breakfast.
Still, I got up and woke Aidan up for school. Watched "Lilo and Stitch" with him. Got him dressed and to school.
I came home and went back to bed. Luckily, it's an overcast day- so I was able to sleep.
Now, I'm getting dressed. I might still have time to get my car registration.
Brad's mom will be here at 2 to go to the movies.
How was your night?


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