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Friday, March 03, 2006

Photos from DisneyWorld!

This is the first photo we took inside the Magic Kingdom on Sunday afternoon. We are on the train to get to Frontierland. Easiest way to get directly to the rides.

After a trip on Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, we made our way to Mickey's Toon Town to meet the Mouse himself. I think Aidan was still a bit nervous.

I didn't take many photos the first day. This one is waiting for the the Indiana Jone's Stunt Show. Aidan was chewing on Cheeto's while we waited. He really wasn't impressed by the show, but he was able to meet "Indy" when it was over.

There is the Stitch light chaser. Not exactly a cheap toy, but he enjoyed it so much and it kept him busy. He kept knocking over the 'good guy' - which was a Star Wars- Star Tours robot- over with it.


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