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Friday, March 03, 2006

My poor, neglected Blog...

I'm home. It's been a rough time since my last update.
I spent the week in Florida- okay, granted, that wasn't so "rough"- but I overdid myself and ended up with a swollen right leg right before I got on the plane to come home. I called the doctor the next morning and she said to go to the ER and have an ultrasound in case of a blood clot. It was only one leg, and although the swelling had gone down they just wanted to be sure. After bloodwork and the ultrasound the doctor said that the ultrasound was negative for a blood clot, but my bloodwork indicated there was one- so they kept me overnight on Sunday. The doctor the next morning said that my meds can make it LOOK like I have a bloodclot when I don't- so he ordered another ultrasound, it came back negative, so he sent me home- or home to leave for the airport for Houston.
I had enough time on Monday to shower, dress, unpack and repack then leave for Houston. When I arrived my uncle told me that if I wanted to stay over the weekend at their house the next week I was more than welcome since the doctors had me scheduled for a CT scan next week and then chemo the following week. Huh? I guess I was too busy to notice the dates, so I started calling to reschedule, because honestly, I'm not going down to Houston three weeks in a row. I want to be home. I have things to do. Ended up getting chemo on Tuesday, and then a CT scan on Wednesday. Now chemo makes me sick enough, but adding the barium for the CT ALWAYS makes me REALLY sick, so Wednesday and yesterday I've felt like death. Today? eh. I think I may be getting a cold. Just what I need.
Well, I woke up this morning, had some waffles with blackberry preserves and sat down and watched my last disc of Season 2- "Dead Like Me" with my father. I don't even know if there is a Season 3. I need to find out. I just feel 'phlegm-y'.
Now it's TCM - a movie called "Dream Wife" with Cary Grant. Black and White. I love some of these old movies. I'll be disappointed when Oscar Month movies are over. Hopefully they will still have some great ones. I need to add some movies to my Netflix anyway.
I'm going to be busy though for a while. Tonight I have the Grayson County Democratic Fundraiser. I haven't gotten an email about helping decorate, etc, so I'm guessing things with that are settled. I never did get that picture of Bush's head, but not hearing from the organizer, I'm guessing they got it all done and don't need help. I'm still a bit sick to even think about it. It does mean that I will have to dress nice tonight. Which is not fun with my head, but I will do it. My hair is getting longer, so I might wear it without a hat tonight if I feel I can get away with it.
Sunday is the Oscars. Mary and Alexis are still coming over. It should be fun.
Nothing planned for next week unless it's unpacking and sorting through all this junk.
The following week I'm back in Houston for chemo and follow-up. Then Thursday my valentine is coming in for the convention. We'll have Thursday night more to ourselves, and then Friday afternoon Roger comes in, followed by Andrea and her friends Friday night. Everyone is leaving on Sunday. That'll be sad, but I'm hoping we will all have a great time while in town. I'm looking forward to it, especially Thursday night.
Alright, so Disney... it was a blast! Well, we really let Aidan run the schedule a lot. There were things that Aidan didn't really want to do, and gave in and then changed his mind. Actually on the plane he said he just wanted to go home and play his computer game- forget Disneyworld! I think he was just a little grouchy because he woke up at 2:30AM and didn't nap in the car or on the plane- and this was around 1 1/2 hours on the flight. I BEGGED him to nap, wouldn't hear of it. And you know, at 8:30 that night leaving the Magic Kingdom, waiting for the bus, he was dancing in circles around me. Of course, after about 2 minutes laying down in bed he was out cold. We didn't wake up early except for the last day when we had to be out of the hotel- and it wasn't very early. We stayed out late, and I let Aidan sleep- that way he wouldn't be grouchy. He was exceptionally well-behaved as a result. Really. I saw other kids have melt-downs. Mine didn't. It was wonderful to experience.
Eventually he was interested in "meeting" the characters, so I got him an autograph book and he had fun meeting Mickey, Minnie, etc. He was scared of Stitch after the Stitch Escapes ride- and was worried about him during our visit. It was more of a love-hate type of thing, because he really liked Stitch. I bought him a Stitch light chaser on Tuesday night before the light show at MGM. He got several souvenirs, including a "pin collection."
I hope I can take him back next year. It was wonderful weather, just a little rain on Friday. 7 days was a lot, but we did rest a good amount, and saw everything we wanted to see. Well, I could have used another rollercoaster or two, but I was happy. Aidan had the best time, and we just had a great time seeing him have so much fun. He literally woke himself up laughing one morning. Okay, well, let me put up some pictures... Here's the only 'snapshot' that I'm in.


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