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Monday, March 06, 2006

More DisneyWorld Photos

You may be sick of seeing them, but here are some more... And it's Monday... Nothing exciting yet to report. Gotta go to Target and get my new pain prescription. The run-off for the political SIM I'm in is underway... I am up for Vice President. Woo hoo. I hate debating though, so I'm really going to keep that all low key. At least I can't submit bills as VP.
Okay, so pictures!
This is the Buzz Lightyear Space Spin. It's half a ride and half a game. Lots of fun.
Putting on the 3D glasses waiting for Philharmagic- a great 3D interactive movie in the Magic Kingdom!
This is a better picture of Aidan with his toy moving. To show how much he REALLY likes it. He had a blast showing Mary and Alexis his toys, photos and autographs last night. If you come over, you are prewarned!


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