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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Ice Cream Maker Guy

Currently there is a Fan Choice Poll going for Star Wars action figures. My vote, on behalf of Aidan, will be for the Ice Cream Maker Guy. This is a character from the movie "Empire Strikes Back" that is running thru a hall in Cloud City carrying an ice cream maker.
And on behalf of this vote, I am going to go ahead and tell the "joke" of my son's- mentioned in the post below...
My son was using the bathroom before bed, and told me he felt he still needed to "go", but couldn't get it out. I told him not to strain himself pushing, to just wait and it will come when it's ready to. In true 5 year old fashion, he asks "Why?". I tell him that he'll hurt himself if he pushes to hard and he'll make himself "sick". He asks what will happen. I told him he'd get hemorroids. He asks if he'd have to take medicine. I told him he'd have to use medicine- a cream. His eyes lit up big and he got excited- "Ice cream???!!!"
Ah, if only the medicine was ice cream... millions of mothers across the world would finally have an excuse to eat ice cream when they wanted... "I really needed that pint of Ben and Jerry's, honey... I'm not feeling 'well'."


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