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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Emotionally Vulnerable

That's what it is, of course... That's why I'm an emotional wreck right now... I feel emotionally vulnerable because I've opened myself up to real feelings for Micket, and I haven't done that in a long time. I've been in control for years now, and now that's changed. Of course, it's changed because I feel the possibilities of this relationship, where I haven't felt them in other ones. There is a connection there, that's hard to explain.
For example, at one point on Sunday we were checking out of the hotel and trying to get things sorted or something and the four of us were all there. Mike and I both started talking at the same time, and supposedly said the exact same thing in unison- a sentence plus some worth. We didn't realize what we were doing, Andrea just started laughing that we did it- that's how we found out.
I know we caught ourselves at least one other time saying the same thing, the same way...
Mary says we are "tooooo cute together." We definitely seemed to just "know" each other in some ways... like a couple that's been together for a while...
Anyway, we talked on the phone some tonight, and I feel a little better after talking to him. I still have all the other things to deal with, however.
And it looks like I might go up there in April instead of him coming down here. So, Shanan, we'll have to plan something!


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