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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

At the hospital... waiting

for my chemo appointment. I've been here since a little after 8 AM. My bloodwork was at 8:30 and they have to check my numbers before they will give me my chemo.
Luckily, the library has internet, so I can "amuse" myself while I nervously await getting my IV.
I stopped in the patient center the volunteers run, and was told that the camping trip really is a lot of fun. It's at the end of April, so I'll probably try and schedule myself to go.
It seems like I'm making a lot of plans for someone who really doesn't do much, doesn't it? Hmm.
Anyway, I like camping. I figure it will be a bonding experience as well. It's for patients 25 and up I believe.
Maybe the needle won't bother me. I brought Harry Potter 4- Goblet of Fire- to amuse myself while I drip.
I forgot to make plans with Andrea for this week.
Last week seemed to fly by.
Alexis and I are going to the movies or something on Friday.
Mary and I might go to the Firefly fan thing in Dallas on Saturday.
Alexis, Mary, Linda and I are all going to see "Phantom of the Opera" on Sunday.
I think I have to go to probate court on Thursday.
I have to call the company my car lien is through and get everything transfered into just my name and then pay off the car. I'll feel great once that is done. I love when I've finished car payments.
I spoke to Tracy on Sunday- that was a good conversation, even if it was rather short. It was interesting to me how her son thought about "Revenge of the Sith" compared to my son.
It would be nice if I could just get everyone together for margaritas.
Odd thing is that on Friday when Roger, Andrea, Mary and Mike were all together, I barely spoke unless it was to introduce something that someone had in common with someone else. I felt almost like a matchmaker. Spoke and then shut up. I think all the food on the table just rather made me sick and caused me to be a little more quiet. We had Tex-Mex and these big bowls of chips and salsa. Everyone go along so well though... not a surprise... I have good taste in friends :) I just miss my friends from out of town when they are gone.
I'm not feeling well, though... to look at me, I think I probably look well except for having short hair... people tell me I look well... I know my legs swelled up at the con, and that was a sign I'm not well... however, my pain is increasing again... and I'm actually rather scared by that...
I haven't wanted to say anything, however, it's the truth... I'll talk to my doctor about it and see what she says, but chances are we won't know anything until another scan...


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Shannon -- it was good talking to you on Sunday too -- even though we kept having to stop tend to our boys. I wish we could all get together for margaritas too -- seems like it would be a lot of fun to meet your friends -- seeing how you have such good taste in us, and all ;) .........


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