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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Shopping Gods have cursed me...

You know, it's a good thing I'm a nice person. Somehow today though, I feel like I should have been a bit bitchier. Sometimes I have it in me, but today I just didn't feel like fighting.
Sure, the morning was fine. Well, it was a good morning. Aidan woke up before Otter got him up and he came into my room and talking. I put on Power Rangers for him and he curled up next to me under the blankets watching the show. Then he had to beat down the bumps in the down comforter so he could see. It was still sweet having him there. Now, I know I won't be feeling this way all of next week once we are sharing a bed on vacation, but I'll have to try and remember this morning. Anyway, he wasn't there for long.
I went back to bed until around 10 and then watched 5 episodes of "Dead Like Me" with my father. I can't believe we watched that much, but I wasn't exactly feeling good, and I was cold and cuddled under a blanket- it's cold and overcast today- perfect lazy day.
Can't stay lazy all day though. Grabbed my purse, my checks to deposit, and before I forgot- I grabbed my watch to get the battery changed. I should have felt something then as I looked at it, made sure it was dead and not just the twisty thing pulled out, etc. I hadn't worn the watch for a while, and to even purchase it was a little odd because of this, but I figure I could use it in DisneyWorld instead of worrying about the cell phone.
I brought it to Batteries Plus, a new place that specializes in batteries in the strip mall in front of Target. I figure they could replace it for me, and that's less hassle. The guy takes my watch to the back, comes back, doesn't hand me the watch, but rings up the sale. I pay him, and he hands me the watch back. Now, a normal customer is going to check to make sure it's working right. I look at it, but instead of seeing the arm ticking away again I notice there is a crack all the way across the face and split on one side. Hold on. The guy broke my watch and probably knew it. Him and the manager try to pin it like it couldn't have broken from the changing of the battery. I explain it looks like a tension crack from the inside, and I looked at the watch before I brought it in. I'm not going to argue though since I bought the watch at Target anyway, so I asked for a refund of my money and left. Do I want the watch? Do do what? Spend more money than it's worth replacing the glass? Sigh.
Old Navy- no problems. Well, unless I want to complain that they think women aren't made with curves. Got a pair of capri's in that army-ish green that goes with everything.
Famous Footwear. I pick out a pair of Ked's in stone- right under the sign that says $16.99. No, the manager says- that's only for the teal and hot pink Ked's. The stone color is $10 more. Did the shopping gods curse me today??!!? I still bought them.
Lane Bryant. Sigh. I hate shopping here, but they've got the cutest clothes for a fuller figure- and my figure is fuller now as you've seen me complain in my blog, so I'll just shut up about it. At least they know women have curves - even breasts! Unfortunately not all the shirts give enough room for the breasts, and the size up is just too big. One mauvish pink shirt, two capris (jeans and khaki) later, I'm done. I did look at the undies, but I bought a pair a week ago and they were kind of big at the smallest size and WAY overpriced. To me, $14 for cotton underwear is rather expensive- for one pair. That's more than the shirt I bought cost. I just don't understand that.
JC Penney's. Now here's where to get undies. Not so bad. Five for $25, or 4 for $16. I can handle that. I take one set of each. Low rise hipsters. Not that you needed to know, but now you do. I'll spare you the colors, designs, etc.
Now I'm home and have to pack.
After I check the weather for Florida...


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