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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Purple Explosion!

That's the only thing I could think of when I glanced at my bed this morning. I love the color purple, but maybe I've overdone it. I guess the bed should match. A few months ago I wrote about getting the new quilt- it's a shiny lavender that reverses to a darker purple. I bought the quilt, the bedskirt and never got the shams to go with it. I finally did today. So, here is the final product.
I bought the dark purple sheets a few months back as well. They are made of beech, a natural fiber, a very high thread count- I think 260 or 320 or something, and super soft. Almost TOO soft, in fact. It feels like I'm slipping into a negligee or something. It's a sateen finish. I felt if I was comfortable in bed I could sleep better. I have been sleeping better the last few days, too, since I switched back to these sheets.
I had bought a coverlet for the bed a few weeks ago- I thought it was a duvet cover until I brought it home- so I returned that to Target today. Paid my Target bill while I was there. Went looking with Otter to see if we could find him a new comforter set for his bed. No luck.
Who is Otter? I know one of you asked this, so more may be wondering. Otter is my father, Aidan's Grandfather. It was the closest that Aidan could pronounce Grandfather, so it's officially his nickname.
Micket pointed out that there are only 10 days until my vacation, but actually it's 11 still. He had it calculated many different ways, maybe he got it confused with something else.
Only 7 more days until Valentine's Day. I have a little bit of shopping to do.
I plan on getting some of that done tomorrow. Aidan needs to write up his Valentine's. He has Power Rangers SPD ones for his school friends, and puppy ones for his family.
I've got a few things up my sleeve for my Valentine, the one that isn't 5. Part of it I owe thanks to Andrea for finding. I think it'll make him smile. I like making him smile.


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