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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Philadelphia Story

Is on TCM right now. This year I'm going to be able to catch more of their "Oscar Month" movies. I'm pretty excited about it. I haven't seen this movie in a while, but I remember that it's good, besides, it's got Cary Gratnt and Jimmy Stewart in it... And Katharine Hepburn... all wonderful...
Aidan and Otter are at church and then going for ice cream and play time at Braum's today. Otter told Aidan he could stay home, but Aidan got upset and wanted to go! Wow... I'm shocked.
Mary and I did go to the Firefly Dallas fan club thing yesterday. There were around 25 people or so there- big crowd. We had never been, but we'll probably go again.
We didn't know anyone there, and it was kind of awkward at first. There was a guy there that was really tall and kind of big across from me and he said he wasn't sure if he was going to order anything to eat because he didn't want to be the only one eating. I asked if he was hungry, and he said he was, and I made the off-hand remark (open mouth, insert foot) that he should eat because we probably wouldn't want to see hungry if he didn't eat. I didn't mean it mean or rude, I promise! He was just a tall, Texas built guy and well, I just spoke too soon, and I was just giving him a hard time, but I didn't know him yet. So, I felt REALLY bad. The guy next to me was just kind of open mouthed that I said it. I kept apologizing, and felt worse when he didn't order. I let him have a bite of my carrot cake because I felt so bad. Anyway, we all got along for the rest of the time we were there- we actually were the last to leave as we didn't have anywhere to go and Mary and I will just talk to about anyone.
He was a nice guy, and he had gone to the Flanvention in Burbank in December. (Flanvention is a Firefly convention they had.) There he had won the auction for the head of the Jayne statue from the "Jaynestown" episode along with the Jayne Cobb plaque from the bottom of the statue. You know he had to pay a good penny for them. They had been in Adam Baldwin's (the actor who played Jayne) possession until the auction and Adam autographed both pieces. Mary and I convinced him to bring them into the restaurant to show us. That was really cool.
After we walked out and everything he asked me to come see his Jayne hat and goggles at his truck. I had to ask Mary for her opinion on it, because I had a feeling he was kind of interested in me, and she agreed that he was. That really just surprised me because I still only have peach fuzzy hair and still view myself as unattractive because I'm sick, and therefore not flirt worthy in general.
Certain exceptions do apply, and if you read between the lines of my blog, I think you already know what I mean... or if you are Richard you know *exactly* what I mean, and therefore play nauseated whenever someone certain's name is mentioned...
We went to Half-Price books after the restaurant. I bought a book of chick flick short stories for the tub, and two "Cinematherapy" books. They are books for women for all our different moods. I'm looking for some good Netflix suggestions.
We also went to World Market, where I picked up Outer Space macaroni/noodles for Aidan. I hope to get him to try them.
I'm going to try to get somethings done around here today while watching the movie. Oh, I forgot, Otter is going to ask Aidan if he wants to see "Nanny McPhee" with me today, so if so, I'm going to take him to the movie instead of him going to play at Braum's. I like taking him to the movies. It's like our own little date.


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