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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mommy's Lunch Out

Kim and I finally had lunch today. We went downtown to Devoli's or whatever it's called. I think I have Kim hooked on Chicken Marsala now. We had a good time talking without the kids running around interrupting us.
I went shopping for Valentine's Day and picked up candy boxes for my grandparents and Aunt Kathy, for my Great Aunt and Uncle I will stay with on Valentine's Day, and a heart filled with Jelly Bellies for my symptom and pain doctor- Dr. Z. I also picked up candy for Aidan, a pair of sleep pants for Otter, and some special things that I can't mention for my Valentine.
I tried baking something for him, too, but I don't like the way it turned out, so I'm really not happy at all. I might try and bake something else in the morning. My dad says it was good, I disagree. I don't want my first baking incident for him to turn into something bad, so I won't send it. Darn it. I have a cooking reputation with Galactic Hunter and Jedi Defender and I can't even bake this darn thing! I'm not sure what went wrong with the cooking. Sigh. I need to get that box in the mail tomorrow though, no matter what. I might cheat and buy something prefab for the box, but he'll know since he reads this blog.
Oh! This must remain a secret from Aidan. His teachers told me today that his classmates elected him King on Valentine's Day. They elect a King and a Queen, and he won the votes! He'll be happy, but like I told his father, he already thinks he's in charge of everyone.


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