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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let's Go to Bed...

I can't sleep. I haven't tried. I'm not tired. I just don't feel it.
I woke up around my regular time this morning. Just around 20 minutes earlier than "normal", however, the day before I woke up an hour before "normal" so it's not like it has to be a certain time.
I was already waking up as Brad had called earlier to tell me that he was going to watch Aidan a little bit longer because Aidan threw up a few times the night before and wanted to make sure he was feeling okay first- worried that maybe Aidan had a virus and would pass it to me. Around 2 hours later he called to tell me he was going ahead and bring Aidan home since he didn't throw up his breakfast. Of course, if Aidan did have a virus, you aren't really going to tell that in 2 hours, in my opinion.
So, Aidan came home and played his Scooby Doo computer game. We decided we would go to see "Curious George" and I made calls to Alexis and Mary about it. Alexis decided to go and we met her for lunch at Wendy's and then went to the movie.
She asks me if I watched "Survivor" and I told her I taped it, hadn't watched it and she mentions she watched it and that took me by surprise as she never was interested in it before- by any means so I questioned her on this and she told me that one of the guys on there- Nick- is a college friend of hers. Cool. Can't figure out how this didn't come up before, but it's definitely a sign that we need to spend more time together.
I told her about the Oscar 'party' at my house and she's in. I can't figure out who else to invite, but I think Mary, Alexis and I are the biggest movie geeks I know in the area so it's probably good enough just the three of us. We are going to do the contest/bet thing with guessing the winners. Each of us is purchasing a $10 gift certificate to Cinemark Theatres and whoever gets the most right wins the certificates. Now we just have to settle on a menu. If they weren't vegan and vegetarian it would be SO much easier. I think we'll just get Chinese food.
Our favourite Chinese restaurant closed though. Awful news. Looks like Panda Express or take-out from a buffet place for us then.
Aidan really liked the movie, he laughed at George's antics a lot. I never read the books when I was younger, but George is so cute, how could you not fall for those big, brown eyes.
Of course, my mind lately has been focused on someone else with brown eyes. He's doing well. He just got hit with a bunch of snow though where he lives. Yeah, it's not Texas. I don't think he'd mind, but here's a picture he took outside earlier Saturday. Luckily, he would like to move somewhere that doesn't get as much snow. I keep telling him we rarely get snow here. We shall see. He'll be here in March- or at least Dallas- and hopefully he'll like it.
This time next week I'll be in Florida. I hope the weather is nice. I have a feeling it will still be a bit cold.
Tomorrow is Houston though. Tuesday is my doctor's appointments. I think I'm definitely going to go ahead with the chemo Tuesday.
Andrea and I are going to try to meet up for dinner tomorrow night. I told her trying for Tuesday would probably not be good as so many people go out for Valentine's Day. Don't they? Yes, I seem to recall that is quite a popular thing. It's been awhile since I've celebrated Valentine's Day with someone. Even this year it'll be long distance. Here's hoping for next year.


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