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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Will You Marry Me, Mommy?

My son asked me this after his bath tonight. He asked me when I was going to get married again. Funny question since I don't have a boyfriend. I told him that it wouldn't be anytime soon. So, he asked if I would marry him when he is older. I told him that was sweet, but no, and that whoever he does marry is lucky because he's going to be a good husband, right? "Right," he said.
I was busy today. Really busy for me. I woke up and found a post-it on my bathroom mirror my father had left me telling me that I need to go to the post office and get a passport. I received and e-mail telling me I need to pick up an overhead projector from the Sherman library. Plus I had to pick up beads or charms for the Con in March.
Figuring that I can't wear a hat in my passport photo I decided I better cut my light, half there hair. Ever see Pin Head? Well, if pins were thin brown hairs that's pretty much what it looked like and because it was so thin on top it stuck right up in the air- not good. I went and got it buzzed off, so I'm bald basically.
Then to Hobby Lobby. 50 beads, 4 different types, $30 budget. How in the world? I ended up getting a bead kit and hopefully it will work. I don't know.
Post Office next. LONG line. All the older folks getting their 2 cent stamps. Sigh. Filled out the application and had the photo done. Yep, I look like a punk rocker.
Library. I don't have a library card. The lady at first was a little rough, but by the end she was really nice and carried the projector out to the car for me.
I missed Kim visiting me by minutes. She was supposed to come by tonight, but didn't show, I hope she's okay. I bought her a present- a foot bath, mani/pedi set, and parafin wax bath.
And Chloe? Well, I think she just slept on top of my blankets in the chair all afternoon. Must be nice to be a cat. Except when your owner takes a flash picture while you are trying to nap.


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