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Sunday, January 22, 2006


It's about time. I haven't heard rain for months. No joking. It's been extremely dry where I live- fires and all.
Something so calming and peaceful about it. Oh, I guess you can figure that Aidan isn't home right now. He will be soon. Otter took him to church, and maybe for ice cream. So, I have just a little time to blog.
Had a great day yesterday. Tamara and I went to lunch at IKEA and walked around. I picked up 3 candleholders, two ice cube trays (star shape) and a toy holder thing for Aidan. Then we went to JoAnn's and picked out some better beads. I didn't know what the beads were really for, so it makes a big difference.
She went home to her family, and I decided to go see a movie since I had a movie pass for the theatre down there (seperate from the one I got the other night). Got into "Family Stone" around 10 min after it started. It was enjoyable.
Went to the Disney Store and got Aidan some tshirts for the trip and a pair of Bruce the Shark slippers.
Came home and chatted with the Jedi Defender crew. And that was about it for my day.
I know Aidan is home because he ran in here a few times this morning.


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