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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Peace, Love & Mickey Mouse

It's one of my favourite mugs there in the photo. My other two are one with "Clone Wars" Yoda that says something about coffee making one great on the back and then one with Seurat's "Sunday in the Park" on it. The Seurat one is a replacement for one that was broken around 8 years ago. I got the original one and the Mickey one around 13 years ago. Time flies. The Yoda I got this fall. It's a nice big mug. I love nice size mugs. They are good for cereal, soup, coffee, or my choice for chilly nights- like tonight- hot chocolate with mini-marshmellows. I love curling up with a nice hot drink, a nice soft blanket and a good film. Better with a nice cuddling partner, but I've been missing that for a while now.
An online friend of mine who also has cancer asked me the other night if I had a crush on someone. I was thinking "How does he know about my blog?" but there is no way that I know of that he could. I told him yes, but didn't tell him who- it isn't him, either.
I think though that there is a certain connection that people who have experienced cancer have. I could see myself with another survivor one day. It wouldn't bother me.
Well, as my drugs are kicking in, I better end this blog for now... otherwise I might say too much :)


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