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Friday, January 20, 2006

Now I'm really depressed...

I've been on the American Cancer Society page trying to figure out some of my CT findings, such as:
1) Interval progression of disease in the abdomen, in view of the fact there is pelvic ascites.
So, what are pelvic ascites? Sometimes the cancer cells grow on the surface of many organs in the abdomen. This may cause accumulation of fluid inside the abdomen called ascites.
2) other nodes and fluid in the bowel, and a mass that is 3.1x1.8cm in size. The problem with this is that it can cause a blocked bowel- which is a common cause of death in women with these types of cancer. It is sometimes hard to solve this problem with surgery. And many patients are too sick to handle surgery. Others have such a poor outlook that it may not help much. Most studies have shown that patients with advanced cancer who develop this problem live only a short time. The decision to have surgery should be weighed against the chances of returning to a comfortable life.
3) There has been interval increase in size appearance of right common iliac lymph node, which is likely metastatic. The left paraaortic lymph node has increased in size in the interim. I couldn't really figure this one out, but metastatic means it's spreading.
4) Interval thickening of the transverse colon, which could be related to the infectious/inflammatory etiology although serosal metastases cannot be excluded. That's way over my head.
These things worry me more than the chest xray results with the nodes growing near my lungs that are "concerning for metastasis"...
I guess I'm going to go to bed... The more I learn the sadder I become...


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