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Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday, Monday... Happy Holiday...

to those who have today off... I know there are a bunch of you out there! I'm up late, not usually on the computer this late. I just got off a long phone call. Read what you want into that one Richard, you think you're so smart... phbtt! Yeah... so I have to unwind a bit... and I just took my pills again around an hour ago- so they should kick in soon.
Aidan went to church kicking and screaming today with Otter... Otter took him to get ice cream after and told Aidan it would be a secret as a joke... Of course, the big brown circle around his mouth and on his nose kind of clued me in on it... Since I'm going out of town this week, I took Aidan down to Frisco to go see "Hoodwinked". He laughed and enjoyed himself. Picked up a set of Power Rangers at the Disney Store and picked up a Frommer's Guide to Disneyworld, Universal and the Central Florida area. I'm just interested in the Disneyworld part though. Going next month.
I'm feeling better today as far as the allergies go. That's a good thing. I just left for the movies and forgot to take any meds before I went- so I've basically missed a dose. I survived though.
Argh. Today, which is after I sleep, I have to make my car payment, go to the bank, mail off my Netflix, and then I have an interview at 1pm to apply for Social Security - what fun!
Tuesday night I leave for Houston again, and I'll get the results from my CT scan...


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