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Friday, January 20, 2006

Joy is Your Sorrow Unmasked...

I'm not certain what it means, but it sounds very depressing. Anyone have any ideas? This was my fortune cookie "fortune" tonight.
Alexis and I ate Chinese food, went to Target, to Petco, then to the movies following by Books-A-Million- of course. Alexis's folk music or country cd only played the first 6 seconds and stopped, so she had to exchange it. She's thinking about getting an aquarium, so we went to look at them and at fish. She wants "pretty fish"- to her that means salt water, but I told her that's rather difficult to maintain. She's going to read about them and decide. Of all the weird coincedence's I bought Aidan a fish tank (2.5 gallons) at PetSmart on the way home. It's a present from his great-grandfather. I've got to put it together tomorrow so he can be surprised on Sunday. It has a betta divider, so he'll get at least two bettas. I love bettas. I used to keep them in college.
We went to see "Rumor Has It" with Jennifer Aniston, Mark Ruffalo (swoon!), Shirley MacLaine, Kevin Costner and Mena Suvari. It was a Rob Reiner film, and it was good, but not great. It wasn't "When Harry Met Sally" or "Princess Bride," but few films really are.
The movie was playing in the evenings in this auditorium, and during the day "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" is still playing on that screen. They made a mistake and started playing the wrong film. Since we had to wait for the new one and watch some new previews, the manager handed all of us free passes to another movie- kind of nice.
Okay, the thing with "You've Got Mail" that got me last night was a line that Meg Ryan had... her boyfriend is breaking up with her because he doesn't love her, and he's liking someone else... she says she doesn't love him either, and he asks if it's someone else in her life... and she replies "No. No, but there's the dream of someone else." It just hit me that sometimes things may not be attainable in life, and sometimes they are, but the dream alone can be so important...
So, we visited the place with all the happy, fuzzy balls after the movie... and per Alexis "There are black, fuzzy balls on the loose"... we will just leave it at that...
Well, I told her today to bring me my things from work. I had a cd player there, and I'm not going back anytime soon. It's rather odd to see my things again, it's been 7 months.


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