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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Do you believe in ghosts? I've always believed in them. I'm not sure why I've never doubted it, but I haven't. Now, I can't say I have it all worked out as far as why there are ghosts, who becomes ghosts, etc... but I probably go along with the standard "trapped" between the two worlds type theories.
There are other types of ghosts though that can haunt us. Be it memories, guilt, things of that nature.
Sometimes it's hard to let go of some ghosts and move on in our lives. Sometimes I think things need to 'haunt' us until it's time that we can let them go.
I'm ready to move on in some ways, in others I'm not yet. Handling some issues is harder than others, of course... my mother's death I haven't really begun to handle... it haunts me, but in a very evasive way... I need to confront the ghost...


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