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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Avastin and Topotecan

It's my only hope. Well, those are my new chemo drugs at least. My tumor marker is now at 2713 (CA 125). Dr. Fu did a pelvic (ouch!) and told me that my cancer has progressed despite the treatment of carboplatin and taxol. I took at CT scan last week as well, so maybe I can find out the results tomorrow. The Avastin has shown improvement in colon cancer and some other cancer, but hasn't been studied fully for my type of cancer yet. It's a rather new drug. I started the treatment on Thursday morning. It's shorter than the other treatment- only a few hours - not so bad.
I do have to have the treatment every 2 weeks though, so that's more traveling.
Didn't go out anywhere this weekend. Well, went to the political party event planning committee meeting on Saturday, and gave them the ideas I had for decorating. We'll start painting next Saturday. No movies though, but that's okay. I've got so many things to do... I wish I had a personal assistant.
My tire went flat last weekend, and my ex put on the spare last Sunday, and I haven't really been in town to get it changed- I'll try and take care of that tomorrow.
Just little things here and there, and frankly, I just don't want to deal with it. Too much for my body in pain and on pain killers. I hate being this disorganized, but I'm getting used to it in a way. I don't think I will for long though... I'm too much into organization for that...
I sold some of my Star Wars items on eBay, and I plan on selling some more. I just don't have the room or the want to keep a lot of it anymore.
Roger doesn't want to come down for All-Con so much anymore, because they haven't announced much for the official guest list- but my understanding is they want to wait so the competition doesn't steal them away. He's talking about maybe coming in for another convention in Feb. I suggested the one in April or July instead. We will see. And, no, he's not the 'crush' guy- not anymore, at least... We have been friends though for years now, and I think he's very concerned for my health, etc, and wants to see me just in case... Great guy...
Extreme Home Makeovers is on right now, and there is a lady with short hair, and I realize I may have only 1/10th of the hair I should... I think I'm going to shave it down- buzz or whatever... it looks awful...


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