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Monday, December 05, 2005

Back to Houston Tomorrow

I really didn't want to pack. I hadn't unpacked yet from Mississippi (where my mother was buried last week- see post below.) To top things off, my ex tells me that him and his girlfriend are working all morning shifts this week and he can't watch Aidan unless he's dropping him off somewhere at 5AM so that he can be at work. Dad is stressed as it is, and can't handle Aidan alone for that long. Luckily, Kim is going to be able to watch him two nights - Tues and Thurs. Thank goodness! I owe her big!
To clarify, I'm doing okay, just sometimes you don't want to have to put everything into words right then. I'm living my life, and yeah- you don't know- can't imagine- what it may be like for someone who has lost someone. To hand out 'advice' is rather ridiculous, however well-intended it may be. Just like you can't imagine what it's like to be facing cancer, unless you are diagnosed with it yourself. It is just very stressful to have cancer and lose your mother at the same time.
So, anyway, the cancer. The scans show that it's "stable". It's not growing, but it ain't shrinking either. Lovely. Maybe after the next two rounds things will be better.


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