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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Get it on paper!

Tomorrow morning I go to the lawyer's office and sign my wills. I have the financial and living will to sign. I was able to get them done pro-bono, so that helped. It seems weird to have to do this, but I want to be sure that things are taken care of just in case, and better now than try to do it later should something happen.
Halloween went well. It was cold out there, very windy, but we had a good time. Kim and her two children- Lexi and Gabe, and Aidan and myself all went downtown for trick-or-treating there. Now, before you think this is Dallas or something and we are trick-or-treating in slums or somewhere really bad, we live in a small town in far north Texas. "Downtown" still has a drive-in burger place, a neon-signed Pharmacy (that's actually closing now that Wal-Mart has taken over), some art galleries, a few scattered restaurants and lots of antique shoppes. It was still pretty lame. Lexi won a cake-walk though. She chose a cute cake that was shaped like a bat.
Lexi dressed as a fairy- complete with a light-up wand. Gabe was a ferocious dragon- he even had the roar down! And, of course, that's my Aidan as the turtle (see below).
Aidan stayed home today with a cough. Well, we actually went out to a pizza buffet for lunch. I figured it would be good because we could both get what we wanted. Kind of a waste for the amount we eat, but it's okay, no leftovers to tempt and like I said, we both get what we want.
Tonight was the cancer support group. I hadn't been for two months- been in Houston when it's been held. It was nice to talk to some people here locally again. I'll be in Houston again for the next meeting- go figure- but that's okay because they are just going to a Christmas cantana. Not my cup of tea. Figure by January I'll have more info on my current prognosis anyway, so it'll all be good.


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