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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Turtle Power!

I've got a purple wig I can wear tomorrow. I think it's about the only day in the year I can wear it and it's pretty much acceptable. My father tells me I need to get a wig to look more feminine. I've been wearing hats and scarfes, but I guess it isn't feminine enough for him. So, today I work a scarf with earrings... He really hurt my feelings the other day, but I won't get into it.
I've just been extremely sensitive and overall upset living here. He's taken to getting on mom, sometimes a bit rough, but he doesn't know how to get through to her. Honestly, I don't know either. My aunt was supposed to call her the other day and give her a talking to, but I'm not sure if it happened. She doesn't walk much anymore, can't get herself in and out of a chair, doesn't want to eat, etc. It's not pleasant. She says she is trying. I'll give it sometime, but it's really hard to see every day.
Today I called Alexis and we went and saw "Prime" which is not the Gywenth Paltrow movie- which is called "Proof"... it's a movie with Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman... I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but I did like it. It is a chick flick, but more of an independent film chick flick, not the standard Hollywood romantic comedy chick flick. I will share this exchange from the movie, albeit it's not going to be exact, between the lead chick and her chick friend: "Do you LIKE sex?", "Yes, of course," "Then DON'T buy the Nintendo." How true.
So, Friday and Saturday I just was by myself and lonely, and hurting... not fun... I need to snap out of it some. I did return my cute shoes I bought last week- because they broke after wearing them for one day- and not a whole day at that!- and talked to the sales guy. He's gay was going that night to the big block party down in Dallas. I then remembered that we had talked about going to do that a few weeks ago. Not that my friends are gay, or that I am, but because the costumes are awesome and it's fun. I went with friends back in '98 or so, but that time I was with gay men... Anyway, it made me regret not making plans for the holiday weekend.
Tomorrow though we go trick-or-treating. I also need to get a pumpkin so we can carve it. Aidan carved one with his father weeks ago, and it's been long gone. I thought it was weird to do one then, but what do you say? That pumpkins going to rot in less than a week because your father doesn't know better? I try not to say things like that, of course...
Had a good time with Andrea in Houston. We ate at Red Lobster and they had a hot manager that we were checking out. She may come up here for All-Con, which would be cool. We then went to Barnes & Noble and I bought a book called "Outlander" that she recommended. I tried the Tazo Passion Lemonade, it was alright. We caught up on the gossip, and she came and saw me while I dripped on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I don't recall most of that conversation because I was so out of it on medicine.


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