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Friday, October 07, 2005

So, I shaved my head...

It is all coming out anyway... Last Saturday night I realized I could just run my fingers through it and it just was coming out. Sunday, after some deliberation and three margaritas at Chili's, I had it buzzed down to the scalp. I have a little bit of fuzz, but it's going too.
It's a lot colder without any hair.
Went to Houston for chemo on Wednesday. Another 5 hours, and I slept this time through a good amount of it. It started at around 2pm, so there wasn't much on tv to keep my interest and, frankly, the Benedryl just knocked me out.
Wednesday between appointments and after I finished my lunch on the balcony next to one of the cafes, a lady started talking to me and asked me to join her and her husband to talk a bit. They are from Kansas City, Missouri, and she had Stage IIIB Ovarian cancer. She is in remission, but just wants to make sure everything is ok, so she came down to MD Anderson. They were really nice. She works as a dental assistant, kind of funny since I work in dental insurance.
Thursday, I went again to the same balcony for a little dinner between appointments (again) and they were out there. What a weird coincedence- this hospital is a huge place, nor do you expect to see someone at 5PM as most everything is closed by then. We exchanged e-mails, so that we can keep in touch. It's nice to have support.
My flight this morning was at 9AM and it was booked. Unfortunately, a lady who had on plenty of perfume sat right next to me. I woke up nauseated as it was, and actually had already taken an anti-nausea tablet- which it has to be bad for me to do so. Luckily the flight is only around 50 minutes, and I just tried to cover my nose as delicately as possible. She was a 'fancy' lady- wore tinted sunglasses, had the suit on, the expensive shoes, and her husband and her browsed through "Unique Homes" a few times commenting on what they liked. La-Di-Da.
I hope next time my flight isn't as crowded.
Ah, I also tried on wigs on Wednesday- nope, I think I look funny in them. I bought a black wool bucket hat, and I got a little scarf thing that they gave me for free. It's one of those "instant" head wraps- but not a turban. No way am I going to wear a turban.
So, now, as if dating was hard enough and all, I'm bald.
Thing is that there is someone I like, and we kind of go on and off a bit, but it seems like I'm making the effort of contacting him, and it would be good to have him contact me. He knows I have cancer, but the bald thing might REALLY be a turn off...
On the plus side of the hair, I haven't had to worry about plucking, nor shaving my underarms. I wish that my leg hair would get more to the program. Maybe in a week or so.
I also started hurting very badly this morning. My bones ache. I slept for a good amount after I got home, and finally had to realize that I wouldn't be able to handle Aidan tonight, nor would my stressed out father. Luckily, Kim was able to keep him for me. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and can maybe take him to the movies for the Wallace and Gromit.
Sunday is "Wicked". I don't know if I have anything to wear- for my body or my head! Weird, thinking about what you are going to put on your head.
I'm hungry, too, but the thought of food just makes me ill. I had some cereal for dinner. And some Lortab around 30 minutes ago. I need to go to bed and hope to rest.
Not feeling as good as I did last week. I hope it gets better.


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