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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Playing with a full deck...

Okay, I'm watching "Celebrity Poker" on Bravo... well, half watching... actually, it's just background. I just couldn't think of something for a title right now.
Weekend is almost here. I know this because my two nights are now past where I actually make sure I don't miss my "shows"- "Lost" and "Alias". Finally "Lost" is giving somethings away and "Alias", well, Jennifer is SO pregnant- and I noticed the nod to Ben and his Red Sox tonight.
Last night my son told me he wanted me to have a baby. I told him that if I did he'd have to share his toys and did he really want to do that? He said he would. I told him that I wouldn't ever be able to have babies again, but maybe he'd have a step-sister or brother. He said he wanted me to have the baby though... so I had to tell him that would be impossible. Sometimes it's hard to tell him, and then to have to think about yourself the reality of it. My woman things are fried up from radiation and the chemo. It isn't even a question. I won't be able to have children again.
On the lighter side, I bought some of those Roughneck or whatever Rubbermaid storage boxes yesterday at Target. I had put some of my kitchen stuff just in the attic in the packing boxes, and it takes up SO much space, so I figured I better repack and I'll do it in these totes. So far I've really been able to get them down and packed well (I didn't do all of the packing). I was able to get 3 completely done, and almost done with 2 of them. I actually ran out of time today. It's a pretty big deal because I was able to do all of that, so that means I am feeling better. I do have a cough though, kind of like a cold.
Tomorrow I'm going back to Target and buying a couple of bookcases. Two full bookcases were ruined by black mold/mildew in my apartment, so I have the things that were on them still boxed up. I really need to finish unpacking, it's driving me crazy.
I still haven't heard from either friend about Saturday. grr...
Tomorrow night I'm going to dinner and a movie with Alexis and hopefully Mary as well. We are going to see "Elizabethtown" because we are film geeks.
Blue or Pink hair?


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