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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Opening the toys...

I have a bit of a problem. I've been collecting Star Wars toys, yes I am a geek like that. I started collecting back in 1999 when Episode 1 came out and was really into that line until I became pregnant. From that point it rather slowed down, but I kept the toys. They were put in boxes and kept in good shape. When I moved into my apartment I put them up on the wall as a border- mainly because I didn't have the room to store them, and I needed them out of the reach of Aidan.
I recently moved back to my parents so they could help me care for Aidan. I decided I wasn't going to store these anymore- not like that. I have boxed up the more expensive figures- and will probably sell those, and the others I will let Aidan open.
He already has PLENTY of SW toys, especially for his age... but he's going to have more...
and it all started today. He was very excited.
Nothing much else happened today. I slept in. Got some good rest. Went to Wal-Mart- something I don't do very often anymore.
Love life still sucks. Going to the Comic-Con this weekend, and I was hoping to meet a friend and go with him to it- just a friend-at least for a little bit. That guy I was mentioning prior will be there, haven't heard from him, and see- this would be the perfect time for him to contact me and ask me about plans, but noooooo... so, if you are reading this and think it might be YOU I'm talking about, pick up the phone, geez... Otherwise, I'm going to move on. Maybe it's best... Maybe someone will think I'm cute in a Sigorney Weaver "Alien" way...
Glad to see some people are visiting. Hope you comment and keep visiting.


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