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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lines, Fanboys and Con-parties- oh my!

I warn you now. This is a LONG post.
This weekend was the Comic-Con ( I went ahead and ventured out on my own, figuring I'd surely meet some friends there at least, or make some new ones. My first priority for Saturday was to get Bonnie Piesse's autograph. Who's Bonnie Piesse? Well, she's the actress who played Beru Whitesun in Star Wars Episodes II and III. Who's Beru Whitesun? sigh. She married Owen Lars and they raised Luke Skywalker. Remember that beautiful ending of "Revenge of the Sith" where they are looking out to the sunset? Yep, that's her. I was able to get her autograph for Roger in his Visual Dictionary, and then I got her autograph for myself. The usual blabber mouth that I am, I told her about my blog here and that it was named Beru's Haven, not Beru Shaven!! If you are reading this Bonnie, thank you for visiting. She was very nice, and all I can say is they must do a lot of make-up on her for the role- because she's very beautiful in person.
Oh, and I packed up a box of some miscellaneous SW items for this nine year old boy who is displaced from a ruined home in Louisiana and is undergoing treatment for leukemia. Leukemia is cancer, did you know that? Somehow I didn't know that until I was diagnosed. I gave him a Clone Wars Volume 2 poster, a POTF electronic X-Wing, different action figures: Tatooine Maul, Episode 1 Threepio and Emperor, Boba Fett, a battle droid, Hoth Luke (I can't remember what others), a Darth Maul cup w/ topper (the Tricon promotion ones), and I can't figure what else. Darn it, I should have given him my puzzles- but, honestly, I don't even know which packing box they are in. There is something about cancer and puzzles. If you go to a cancer center- you'll see them, they are ALL over the place. Although, my mind is so blown with the chemo I can't think straight to work them and I used to be really good at them, too. I hope he enjoys them.
I saw some people I knew there- and they told me that "guy that doesn't call before the convention" is there working in the auto-graph hall. Since I didn't buy the speedpass though, I had to wait until 3PM before I could get in there, and he left at 2 I think. He's a member of the 501st, and was dressed as some sort of trooper- not a typical Storm one though... don't ask me... I prefer Jedi's myself... point is, I wouldn't have probably recognized him immediately even if I saw him there.
From there I went to Helen's house and we talked for a while and I watched her belly-dancing video performance from September. She did really great. Ate at La Madeline's- didn't particuliarly care for the chicken caesar salad. Then we went to the party where I finally saw my guy.
It was the All-Con Social Party ( Yeah, we kinda cuddled and such all night. Okay, there is no kinda about it. And we kissed. A little. No tongue or slobbering... there's a time and place, and well, this wasn't going to be it.
They played with rocket guns a bunch and a lot of people drank- probably too much. March looks like it's going to be fun though. Adam Hughes is returning. And the actress that plays Star Wars Jedi Luminara will be there, along with the two-headed pod racing announcers- the only one I know of is Greg Proobs (is that right?) I'm doing some astrology panels, so I need to figure out exactly what my plan is for that.
Helen and I left around 1:30 AM, so instead of driving home, I spent the night at her house. I read some and finally fell asleep around 3, and woke up at 9:15. Took a shower and laid there thinking if I should call my guy or not. Figured I don't want to wake him, or his hung over roomies for the night. Finally, around 9:45 he called me.
We went to breakfast at... La Madeline's... because IHOP was crowded... I decided that people don't go to church on Sundays in Plano... Breakfast was good.
Went to the Sunday Con and listened to Adam Baldwin (from Firefly/Serenity) do his Q and A- really enjoyed it. Then, he was taking a lunch break and coming back for autographs. Decided I better head out back to see my son some today, so we kissed goodbye. Not me and Adam- wow- now THAT would be a story... woo hoo... he's still not my captain though...
Aidan and I went to see "Sky High" with Alexis. It was good, again.
I'll type more later, this is enough as it is!


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