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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Don't Fear the Reavers

Saw the movie, twice. It was good. Wasn't blown away by it, and I really hope it does well. I just think it may be a hard sell for people who aren't familiar with the tv series.
I'll talk more about it, perhaps, in another post.
My hair started falling out last Wednesday after I got back to the hotel from the Rolling Roadshow viewing. It was really kind of scary in a way. I had two clumps come out plus a bunch of hair not in clumps. The next day it just seemed to shed some. Friday I went and got a haircut to see if maybe it wouldn't come out so easily. Saturday night I realized it was all dead, and all you had to do was basically touch it or brush your fingers through it and it came out on its own. The good thing is I have less hair in spots that women spend much time grooming.
Sunday my father and I went to Chili's here in Denison and I had a few margaritas then went and had it shaved off.
I leave today for Houston. Chemo tomorrow.


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