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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Still Alive...

still waiting for full treatment. My white blood counts have been too low for chemo for several weeks. Even took about two weeks off from radiation to wait for them to come up so I could have both treatments. Doctor H said that the cells were starting to harden again, so we couldn't put off treatment any longer. I started back with radiation- had around 7 left, but after I started that treatment the white blood cells dropped more- so still no chemo. I should have started the high dose (inner) radiation yesterday, however, the chemo doctor called me on Friday and said that all the oncologists agreed that I should get scanned again because I still have a large mass. So that afternoon I went in for a CT scan and this Thursday I'll have a PET scan. I guess this will tell them how much has changed since treatment started in June. It's going to be a long fight it looks like.
Trying to remain as optimistic as I can. I'm fighting a sinus/cold right now, and it's affecting my breathing. Getting winded while talking isn't much fun.
Alexis and I watched "Evening with Kevin Smith" this weekend, and then "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". We had to watch them over the course of two nights because he talks so much, but we just think he's really funny- and I think he's cute.
My son, Aidan, spent Friday night here. We bought a new Scooby-Doo tape- so he enjoyed watching that and didn't give me any trouble going to bed. I'm going to try to work up to watch him tomorrow night and Friday. I promised him we would go see "Valiant" this weekend, and he should really enjoy that.
My love life? Well, I've thought about it. I admit it. Really though, it would take a special guy to be willling to get involved with me emotionally at this point in my treatment. I'd love to have someone to hold me and support me, but it's a lot to ask.


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