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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tumors are getting soft

Or so Dr. H says this to me yesterday. This means the tumors are reacting to the therapy she says- hopefully in a good way as in shrinking! Had chemo today, and my stomach got a little sick for a while, but I haven't thrown up or anything.
My son A spent the night tonight here at the apartment instead of at the parents. He was pretty well behaved tonight, earlier today- not so good. Anyway, it's something I can't do as often as I'd like, but it's just too stressful for me at this point- both mentally and physically.
I can't remember when M is supposed to be back from Portland. I need to call her tomorrow.
A went out of town for the 4th with her family to visit more family in Fredricksburg, Texas. I hope they both had fun.
The Texas Cancer Center was closed on the 4th- which I found out the Thursday before- so my parents decided we needed to go on a road trip down to New Orleans. I didn't really want to go, but figured I had better visit family and friends. I was able to see my friend L- who I've known since middle school- for breakfast on Sunday morning and told her about my condition. So, that was good.
The road trip wasn't easy on me physically, especially with the bladder/kidney infection, but I made it.
Also saw some family friends that I hadn't seen in AGES- like 20 years or so.
I might take in a movie tomorrow after treatment. Now, what to see...
I still haven't seen "Ladder 49" and I'll have had that out for a week tomorrow- of course, I was out of town for part of the time.


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