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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Treatment still on hold!

White blood counts are still too low for me to resume treatment. The doctor says there is nothing they can do to bring them up at this point, so I just need to rest and wait. Meanwhile, since I'm out of treatment, I'm feeling a bit better, although I am still weak..
Really not much to say. I've been home for the most part. My friend Roger was able to get me the Holographic Leia from the San Diego Comic Con. He also sent me flowers last month. He's a sweetie. My friend Andrew sent me some edible coffee sticks, some dried mango and some mystery food and I have no idea what it is. He lives in Taiwan, so the packaging is in Japanese! He's a sweetie, too.
My hours are completely messed up. I'm a natural night owl, so I've been going to sleep around 4am and waking up around noon or so. I've got time to get it straight before I go back to work- which will not be for a while.


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