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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Chemo today - hair gone tomorrow?

No, I haven't lost any hair- that I can tell yet. It has made my hair a different texture, so it may be starting to take more effect.
I did have chemo this morning, and my father went with me this time. He hates needles, and hates to see me poked with needles. I can't stand to watch either. Once it was all hooked up and going though, he was okay. Then when it came out my blood squirted all over. Kinda of gross. The nurse told us not to look, and once she got it cleaned up some, I had to wash the rest off in the bathroom.
I noticed spots on my abdomen last night- these little brown flecks I'd never seen before. One of the radiation techs said that it looked like freckles to her, but that I would know if they are new or something. I told her I've never had them before, but I've never sunbathed with my belly exposed, therefore would never have noticed if I have freckles that come out after sun exposure. She said they didn't really need to know that, or something, which I think was kind of rude. I don't know what to say to her now, I mean, I was just worried about what they might be, and it's not like I said something offensive.
Dad and I then went to a Chinese buffet since Mom had lunch plans with the Red Hat group she leads. She announced her resignation as Queen Mother today, and appointed someone else.
Mom doesn't like Chinese anyway, so when Dad and I are going alone we try to go somewhere she won't.
M got back from Portland tonight- yeah!!! I'll be glad to see her! Spoke to her yesterday and her visit with her online guy was going well- mutual attraction and all- I need to find out more details! Probably on Friday- because we want to see a movie and all. I want to see "Wedding Crashers"- Vince Vaughn- sigh... and she wants to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"- but Willie Wonka always scared me as a child... yikes!
A was here on Saturday night- we watched "Shall We Dance" and talked. Her sister came to town today and will be here a little over a week. They are going down to Corpus Christi (the Gulf Coast) for a vacation with the family.
"Ladder 49" was good. I watched "Spinal Tap" today. I almost rented "Millon Dollar Baby", but my dad read a review of it and told me that I wouldn't want to see it right now. He knows I'm trying to avoid the cancer movies... I'm telling you- think about it- how many movies involve cancer somehow???!!! argh!!!
Anyway, if you want to recommend me some NON-cancer issued movies- please do!!


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