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Monday, June 20, 2005

Two more days

Today is my last day of 'freedom'. No doctor's appointments, no true treatment has begun.
I have to get my final errands done and then it will all begin.
Wednesday at 5:45 AM I have to be at the hospital for my biopsy and splint in my bladder. I'll be put under and should be out of there by noon. Then the radiation starts. Then the chemo will probably start on Thursday.
I had to register for the hospital and do the pee in a cup and then get blood drawn- again. I hate needles, luckily it was a little one- I've learned to request them. Of course, showing the nurse the bruises on my arms from other needle problems in the past weeks helps.
I went to Target to get my prescription for the steroids- to help fight the chemo affects. Cute pharmacist was there, told him I had cancer. Probably shouldn't have. Picked up some cute new sleep pants that are bright green and have cute Thumper (from "Bambi") all over them laughing. I figured they would help cheer me up and I can wear them to the cancer center.
M came over and we watched "Finding Neverland"- yeah, if you haven't seen it- it's good- but there is a sad angle to it. I told M that I'm going to ask the clerks at Blockbuster if anyone dies in the movie before I rent it, because this is getting ridiculous.
Put in "Sleepless in Seattle" a few weeks ago- and remember what happens? Mom died of cancer.
"Love Actually"? Mom dies of cancer.
I was bored on Sunday and turned on Lifetime for the noon movie "A Father for Brittany". Had Teri Polo and Andrew McCartney- good actors- and what is it about? They adopt a little baby from China and then she dies of uterine cancer and he has to fight to be a sole foster dad. Yeah, didn't watch that whole thing.
Do they still make movies where the mom doesn't die of cancer? Geez...
Well, I'm going to find some that don't!


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