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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Results are in!

So, I went to the urologist, Dr. H2(since there is another Dr. H coming) yesterday that procedure they had already scheduled me for. He saw something large and 'suspicious'. Wow, wonder what that could be! Dr. H2 calls Dr. H1 - the radiation doctor and tells her. She says I need a biopsy then. I tell Dr. H2, wait a minute- we can assume it's cancer, let me see about this, think about it and we'll go from there. I go home and call Amy at Dr. S's office (she's the physician's assistant) and tell her that Dr. H2 says Dr. H1 told me I need a biopsy, and that I'd have to be put under anesthesia for this- and why go through it if I don't need to? She speaks to Dr. S and they call me back and tell me that they just want to make sure it's the same cancer and not some other problem that's unrelated. I guess I understand, so I agree to make the appointment. Dr. H2's office is already closed, so I'll call in the morning. I'm still hurting from this procedure, so I take the two pain pills instead of just one since I can and since I need sleep. I hear the cell phone ringing at 9 and it's Dr. H2's office saying I'll need a splint put in because the tumor is so large it's cutting off the kidney supply on the right side. They'll do the biopsy at the same time. Register at the hospital on Monday at 1, and surgery on Wednesday at 6AM for prep. Oh boy!
Not much to do, but to wait for my afternoon appointment. Nap on and off- side effect of taking so much pain medicine. Mom picked me up and we went to IHOP for lunch. Then picked up Dad and went to the doctors for my test results.
Dr. R- the chemo doctor- turns out to have taken swing dance lessons with my parents. Anyway, she tells me that the cancer has spread to my lymph nodes, but not to my blood, that's good at least, but lymph nodes not... just good not in my blood... also, there is something they can't read in my chest, but they aren't sure what it is. Says she will start chemo when I start the radiation, and I'll need to take some steroids before I start the chemo.
Move on to Dr. H1- they are in the same cancer center. First I have to go thru another scan- this time just the chest. I distract myself for the iv better than I did on Monday and they get me on the first needle. Woo hoo! Still, the stuff they put in there makes you completely sick.
Talk to Dr. H1 and she says that if the nodes by my lungs are infected with the cancer, then they won't be able to cure it, all they can do is treat it. She will send it on to the radiologist to look at. She doesn't think we'll really get a good answer- because it's too hard to tell. She's going to treat the cancer in my abdomen and pelvis like it's curable and hopefully make it go away and stay away- as she put it.
Let's wish them the best!


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