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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back to treatments tomorrow

It's like a Sunday night before work. The weekend wasn't long enough. Tomorrow morning I have to go in for radiation and doctor's visit.
The surgery on Wednesday was okay. The tumor was too large for the doctor to even find my kidney lines to test them or put in a splint. I was all drugged up on medicines, wasn't released from the hospital until 3;30PM, and went straight to the Cancer Center for radiation.
That day was one of the worst in my life.
Thursday, it was a little better. I was still miserable and found out that I had to start chemo that day. It wasn't awful- that'll be in a few weeks.
Yesterday was the company picnic. I took my son A, and he went in an inflatable whale a few times, then on the playground. Then he ate some Cheetos, drank some water, got a cotton candy and we went home. We stayed maybe 45 minutes. It was too hot and too steamy with all the cooking for me. A was getting red in his face as well.
I feel awful not having him around as much. Unfortunately, I'd feel awful having him around- it's awful enough already.
Hopefully these weeks will fly by.


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