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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And it just keeps going on...

Alright, so after my post yesterday I'm talking to my mother and she gets a call from daycare that my son is throwing up and she needs to pick him up. She tells me not to worry about it, she'll take care of it since I'm still upset and hurting from my doctor's visit. He throws up all over her at Wal-Mart- why she took him I will never understand- and she decides she will just keep him overnight so that I'm not having to deal with anything else. I feel part relieved, part sad at not seeing him, and part guilty for feeling so bad and depending on her.
I was exhausted and couldn't sleep. My face was all puffy and I tried taking a Tylenol PM and still couldn't fall asleep... I was in bed by 10:15 but still wide awake at midnight... I have trouble sleeping anyway, however, I think I was just so exhausted that couldn't fall asleep.
Today was another dress day at work. I made it through.
Dr. L called me and told me I have anemia which didn't surprise her, so I have to take iron supplements- but also fiber so I don't get miserable.
Went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist- who is a real cutie- helped pick out the pills for me and spent a bunch of extra time looking at what he had and helping me decide what I should get- for the iron.
Picked up Aidan and we came home. He spent around an hour playing Super Star Wars... he would have played less, but I found out- in a bad way- that the water was not working...
Called my friend K and told her the news. We promised to try to get together soon.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Going out to eat with my parents and Aidan. Mom is getting me a Star Wars birthday cake- I jokingly told her that, but I also didn't want her to spend a lot of money on a gourmet carrot cake she was talking about. I figure maybe it will cheer me up, and Aidan will get a kick out of it.
I'm going to bed... hopefully I'll sleep...


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