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Monday, May 30, 2005

Don't TOUCH me!

I'm sunburned. Oh, not merely a little rosy on my cheeks and nose- actually my face avoided the burn- thank you, make-up. No, my chest, breasts (well, 1/4 breasts), back, shoulder edges and my scalp- burned... RED... ouch!
Had fun at the Faire though. I haven't updated the blog in a few- that's because I've been working on the costume. Ended up using the burgundy dress I already had, then got some orange/green/brown sheer-like material to add over the shirt, and made a new black corset. The new ugly orange/green/brown thing I attached a bunch of bells to, but I hardly ever heard them make noise. I also made a head wreath- of ivy and orange posies... and it still feels like I have it on. Not good.
A's fairy costume was really cool- she's tall and she made these huge wings- everyone loved it! Who says fairies have to be short- or goth. What's the deal with all these goth fairies? geez, people, lighten up...
M and A had henna tattoos put on their feet- really cool. M got them on her toes, and A got a butterfly on her foot...
Then we went to see the knive throwing show because.... it was there... and they had to let the tattoos dry for 15 minutes... didn't care for the show...
shopped. shopped more. M bought a tie-dyed sarong...
Ate lunch.
Saw the mud show. Had already seen it. Was bored.
Guy insists we go into the shop he runs. Go inside- the first thing we see are men shirts. Decide that if a guy comes with the shirt, then, yes, will purchase. Must be Irish... it's a Celtic designed shirt... also, must be straight, 5'8"- 6'-4", and not skinny... didn't see any guys that would fit the picture... we left...
A got her hair braided- really pretty. It was her first Faire- so she kind of went 'all out'- although, actually, she didn't buy anything like pottery, etc.
While she was getting her hair done, M said some guy in metal was checking me out. Looked. He was tall, but just couldn't tell- hard to when you have a metal can on your head.
Saw the Gypsy Show- that was good.
bought nothing.
M decided she wanted her palm read. Went looking for a palm reader.
Got distracted by a cute butt in a kilt.
Went looking for the palm reader again. Didn't find one. Decided to leave.
Got distracted yet again by same cute butt in a kilt.
Then got distracted by a cute guy in orange pants w/ a fox tail and a LONG bow... and his friend, too... M says which one? well, duh, the tall one... M finds out I like tall, not skinny, guys... 'bear hug' guys...
Leave the faire. Find out A's old roommate was 6'9" tall... state that is TOO tall for me...
Went to eat at Cosmic Cafe. Definitely had a CC craving. I got the portebello mushroom with spinach in nan. Yum. Too full for carrot cake.
BTW, if you are a cute guy in a kilt or orange pants and were at the Faire today, drop me a line ;) Maybe we can compare sunburns...


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